Mission Statement



In all aspects of the supply chain →

Sustainability is the spine which runs through our company activities. We consider all aspects along the entire supply chain and implement future-proof development. The product and the final product are always our focus.


Customer Orientation

Flexibility for perfect solutions →

With n-tec, it is about much more than simple customer satisfaction. With the necessary flexibility, we can always find the perfect solution for our customers. Then we align our service from the joint project development to final production. The direct access to the specialists increase customer satisfaction and speaks for itself.


Leadership and Responsibility

Promotion, Fairness und Motivation →

As a leading technology provider in the field of chemical nanotechnology, n-tec GmbH offers its employees excellent future prospects. We place great emphasis on the individual development of specialized professionals. Motivation, commitment, dedication and flexibility are as important to us as fairness and respect.


Environmental + Social Responsibility

Resource conservation and water-based systems →

In addition, we fulfill our social responsibility by our careful selection of supply sources and suppliers. Our world is our greatest asset. We take our responsibility seriously and are dedicated to conservation of our resources. We have been able to show our commitment to this with water-based systems and the reduction of VOC materials. Likewise, through the use of concentrates, we can avoid many unnecessary transport costs. Our products reduce the use of detergent and allow the maintenance of the value of finished end products. Environmentally friendly raw materials are considered during development. In addition, we are also fulfilling our social responsibility by our careful selection of sources and suppliers.



Increase in high quality products →

We are continuously improving our extraordinarily high quality standard. With our surface modifications, we have increased our already high-quality products many times over.



Progress on the new and proven →

Innovations are among our greatest pursuits. We reconsider new and existing innovations to implement new systems and optimize best practices. Where these goals are concerned, we are always one step ahead.