5 Pillars

The highly skilled expertise of our staff allows us to quickly and flexibly respond to the needs of our customers. This way, openness and understanding guarantee a successful partnership:

  • Inventory and innovation consulting
  • System development (pre-selection of suitable raw materials, material development, and search for suitable application technique, taking into account the possible implementation in the process)
  • System testing, development of possible quality controls
  • Development of process implementation and system advice and support in engineering and coordination
  • Ongoing series delivery
  • Continuous optimization system (particularly in terms of process speed and efficiency and function of the surface)
  • Long-term partnerships and cooperations

Five pillars have crystallized and emerged for ourselves and our partners from the above and are reflected in our business.


Nanotechnology is the key technology of the 21st Century. It allows us to exert influence on different material properties. We use the effects in the range of a few nanometers and thus enable surface structures in the smallest sizes.


We pay close attention to the properties of elements and compounds. This is how we functionalize and modify the individual starting materials and their properties to make new effects usable. Similarly, the development of methods for the synthesis of new compounds and compositions is an important aspect of our work.

Surface Technology

The central task is to equip a material with additional functionalities. The surface modification ranges from mechanical protection, barrier function, interfacial interaction, electrical function and optical function to the targeted modification of free surface energy.

Process Technology

We plan, develop and test the realization of new process technologies under the constant consideration of economic and ecological aspects.

System development

In order to achieve the greatest benefit, technical and chemical know-how as well as economic aspects are influencing our development process.