The Bright-Future country school was established in 2010 by three dedicated young teachers in the countryside near the capital Kampala. In the meantime 212 children from poor families visit the school and 72 children visit the kindergarden. Eight teachers and two educators are dedicated to the children. In 2020 is planned a fence around the new school farm, on which vegetables will be planted for the daily school meal. We support part of the necessary costs to support the project. In addition the school will be equipped with a simple bakery to improve the children's nutrition furthermore.

With the objective, self-initiative, self-employment and self-organization of underprivileged groups, economic life prospects and the development of local civil societies to support the Future Foundation Development of GLS Treuhand eV. They are currently working with 77 project partners in 18 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The foundation’s semi-annual newsletter reports on the projects.

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