Stain Protection/Sealing

The principle
  • Protection of surfaces against the penetration of discoloring substances by the use of nanocomposite materials
  • Functionalization of surfaces is possible
  • Space hardening, thermal hardening of coating materials possible,  integrated in the process
Product Properties
  • Suitable for porous substrate ceramic, earthenware/stoneware, natural stone
  • Simple application (e.g. using spray, rolling or polishing processes, liquid coating process)  
  • Room temperature or thermal hardening, transparent coat, very good adhesion to substrate without extensive pretreatment  
  • Permanent, inert surface protection with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Protection of surfaces against penetration from discoloring substances such as coffee, red wine, tea, olive oil, ink, shoe prints, felt markers)  
  • Very good substrate bonding from penetration glazing in pores
  • Glass-like, pore filling, cross-linked coating
  • Dirt on surfaces cannot penetrate into the pores and is easy to clean off
  • Diffusion density matrix of coating materials   
Other possible areas of application
  • In principle, all porous surfaces
  • Porous, sanitary surfaces, acrylic tubs, acrylic sinks, acrylic shower stalls, window sills, natural stones, gravestones  

All systems are factory-provided products – for consistent customer care we provide our industrial customers, the manufacturers, specially formulated cleaning and care systems or refreshing products.

Fine stoneware - HC

Ceramic surfaces, polished stoneware tiles, cotto surfaces

  • HC 200 – solvent-based sealing system – online sealing
Fine stoneware - LC

Ceramic surfaces, lapped tiles

  • LC 100 - waterbased sealing system - online sealing 
Natural stone

Natural stone surfaces, sanded, polished, natural

  • NC 200 - solvent-based sealing system – online sealing