Scratch protection

The principle
  • Surface protection from scratches through very thick, smooth glass-type nano composite materials: networking surfaces with UV radiation or thermally
Product characteristics
  • High mechanical consistency of the coatings, optic variations possible (highly transparent to coloured coatings)
  • Application (for example, by means of spraying, rolling, dipping, electrostatic or wet lacquer processing)
  • High stain resistance and good chemical consistency, high flexibility (plastics remain malleable) of the coating (impact resistant), good weathering stability, optimal substrate binding of the coating materials 
  • Maximum increase of mechanical and chemical resistance through glass-type nano composite materials
  • Functional easy-to-clean, hydrophobic, anti-bacterial if required
Further possible uses
  • Plastic surfaces, wooden surfaces, mineral surfaces, metal surfaces, glass areas of every type
Plastic shower unit (polystyrene)
  • nano shield NB KK 15 –  rolled coating, UV hardening
Glass surfaces (float glass or before the hardening process)
  • nano shield ES KK 01 – polishing coating, before the hardening process or thermal hardening