Anti-bacterial surfaces

The principle
  • Functional additions to coatings and paints
  • Biocide – coating option based on chemical nanotechnology
  • Functionalization of existing systems using germ-killing materials such as silver or nanostructures titanium oxide 
Product properties
  • Suitable for virtually all surfaces – please use our Inquiry form
  • Simple application, original application is generally unchanged
  • Transparent, no visible changes, original surface properties remain the same
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High chemical resistance to acids, bases, alcohol, alkalis, esters, hydrocarbons, ketones, household detergents 
  • Detection with Agar Agar bred bacteria
  • Bactericidal property, reduces infectivity of microorganisms, kills bacteria, inhibits growth
  • Long-term additional benefits: durability in accordance with surface as well as original modification
  • Cleaning of surfaces must, however, be in accordance with the respective rules of hygiene
  • Proof and certificates on species and degradation are generated
Scope of Application
  • General: contact-intensive surfaces (especially in hygienic fields)
  • Soap and paper dispensers, stainless steel hand dryers, food industry, sanitary surfaces of all types, kitchens, damp rooms, medical technology, hospital facilities, surgery
  • Public areas, swimming pools